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A Member's View

Like many people I'd always been aware that there was more to this life than we could see or touch. I also assumed that anyone who had experiences like mine would be happy to discuss them, but I found that apart from one or two wise older ladies who were glad of the chance to speak, the response was generally fairly hostile! In church I learned quickly that to speak of such things was a sure way of inviting correction. Faced with such opposition, I did what many must do, and decided to keep quiet on the subject. But then I found the Churches Fellowship which was, possibly quite literally, my saving grace after the sudden death of my son. For the annual conferences and regional meetings are ideal for exploring up-to-date scientific research into paranormal communication, providing a setting for people from a variety of backgrounds to discuss a range of experiences of mutual interest within a Christian context. The Fellowship's journal Fellowship Review offers thought-provoking articles and correspondence from members, whilst the Christian Parapsychologist contains a varied and stimulating range of articles, reports and book reviews. The library of literature and audio CDs is an invaluable aid to further study. Not everyone is comfortable with the concept of Church as it is perceived today, but there are times, whilst we are 'still looking', when the Fellowship can be a place of refuge and maybe, even, of glorious rediscovery.